Special Session

Special Panel on Human Security and Business – Visualization of CSR in the Context of Sustainable Development

Date: 13 December, 2015 (Sun.) 9:30 – 12:30
Venue: International Conference Room, Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House, ICU
NPO Human Security Forum (HSF)
Research Centre for Sustainable Peace, The University of Tokyo
UNGC-Japan Network
This session will be free of charge for everyone.


9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks
Prof. Yasunobu Sato (The University of Tokyo, Vice President of HSF)
– Dr. Chika Saito (Crown Agent, Board Member of HSF)

9:40-10:00 Keynote Speech: CSR and UNGC: How can business contribute to SDGs?

Mr. Toshio Arima (President of UNGC-JN)

10:00-11:40 Panel Discussion


Human Rights Due Diligence operation

Mr. Kazuo Tase (Deloitt/UNGC-JN)

SDGs and HS

Mr. Tetsuo Kondo (UNDP Tokyo Director)

Role of HR NGOs and Fact-findings

Mr. Kazuko Ito (SG of Human Rights Now)

Labour CSR

Prof. Shinichi Ago (Ritsumeikan)

Commentators (tbc)

Dr. Takao Toda (Director General, Department of Human Development, JICA)
Dr. Miho Okada (Kansei Gwakuin Uni., CRT-Japan)
Dr. Saul Takahashi (Rep of Japan, Business & Human Rights Centre)
Dr. Hiromichi Onishi (Chief, Human Rights Promotion Division, Human Rights Bureau, Ministry of Justice)
Moderator: Prof. Yasunobu Sato
11:40-12:20 Panel Discussion and Q&A as well as Discussion with Floor

12:20-12:30 Closing Remark

Ms. Kazumi Okamura (Director-General, Human Rights Bureau, Ministry of Justice)